Product Care

The ultimate guide to Pop Bag USA product care

Your Pop Bag is your daily companion. Where you go, your Pop Bag goes too. Stylish, convenient and versatile, you can't go a day without it. This is why we want to make sure you enjoy your leather bags for a lifetime. From creation to delivery, your Pop Bag needs to be cared for properly. With our guide to leather care, your favorite pieces will look beautiful for years to come. Day-to-day care to maintenance, you’ll find everything you need to know about leather care.

How to look after your leather goods

All Pop Bag USA items request the highest level of craftsmanship. Caring for your leather will help uphold the value and the appearance of your favorite pieces. Please read and follow leather care instructions carefully.

Day-to-day leather care

Keeping your Pop Bag in a good condition starts with day-to-day care. Follow a few simple rules to help avoid unnecessary wear and tear, and extend the life of your accessories for years:

  • Leather can stretch. Thus, avoid overfilling your handbag. Otherwise, it may lose its original silhouette.
  • Take extra care of leather pieces you use often. Dedicate a bit of time to wipe away dust and spots with a soft cloth or brush.
  • Pop Bags are flawlessly crafted pieces. Avoid embellished clothes, sharp surfaces and chunky jewelry to avoid scratches.
  • Wet leather requires extra care. In case of rain, remember to take an umbrella.

How to store your Pop Bag

The right storage solution will help prevent damage and help your Pop Bag maintain a high-quality finish. Always keep the dust bag in which comes your Pop Bag.

  • Store your handbag away from the sun. Sunlight causes fading.
  • Store your Pop Bag in a dust bag to avoid scratches.
  • Avoid plastic bags as they prevent good ventilation.
  • Store leather away from sources of heat. They can cause leather to dry and crack.

How to take care of specific materials

Pop Bag USA crafts handbags and leather goods from high quality Italian leather. Different leather items use different leathers. Each of our luxurious leathers must be cleaned and cared for according to their individual qualities.

Pebbled leather

Pebbled leather can be stained by exposure to water, oils or cosmetics. To safeguard pebbled leather’s original quality, do not expose it to heat and/or humidity sources. If the leather gets wet, dry it immediately with a dry soft cloth.

Use a cleaning milk/a neutral cream and a lightly moistened cloth to clean the product. Use a soft brush to remove dirt and product build up from grooves and crevices after cleaning. Be sure to work with the grain.

Saffiano smooth leather

Saffiano leather is created with a stamping method. It has a signature textured finish: a cross-hatch texture. The latter is coupled with a wax treatment. Thus, Saffiano leather is incredibly durable and stain resistant.

To avoid damaging the specialized finish, only clean your Saffiano leather pieces with a soft damp cloth or a specific leather cleaning solution.

Croc-embossed leather

Cross-embossed leather is very coveted for its exquisite texture. It must be cared for and cleaned accordingly. Continuous friction may damage the leather.

Treat the surfaces gently with a non-abrasive damp cloth. It will remove dust and debris. Do not oversaturate the leather with water. Allow to dry naturally, away from artificial heat. Work with the grain of the texture.

Suede leather

Water and oil can stain suede leather. Thus, dry cleaning methods are advisable. A suede brush will remove dust and dirt. Applying corn flour overnight and brushing away the next day will remove light oily marks.

In case of tougher stains, use a dedicated suede cleaning solution. Do not expose your suede Pop Bag to direct light, humidity or dust. Keep suede leather in a dust bag, away from other leathers. If exposed to rain, blow dry immediately and let dry in a ventilated area.


PVC fabric can absorb colors. Thus, do not keep your PVC Pop Bag in contact with other materials. Keeping PVC away from aniline leather or polyester textile will help preserve the quality of your Pop Bag.

Do not leave your handbag in direct light to prevent color changes. Avoid pointed surfaces to prevent scratches. Use a damp cloth for cleaning. Pay extra attention to pen and ink stains. They may become indelible. When you are not wearing or using the item, keep shoulder straps out of the dust bag.

Jacquard fabric

Jacquard fabric is complex with a distinctive appearance. To maintain this look, make sure to dry clean your Pop bag. Avoid water and humidity. Use a soft brush or damp sponge to dust clean your bag. Let dry in a well ventilated area, away from direct sunlight. Avoid contact with chemicals.

How to care for specific Pop Bags

Everyday care goes a long way in maintaining the life of your favorite Pop Bag USA accessories. Specific leather goods require different care techniques.

Tote bags, mini bags and backpacks

It can be tempting to leave your Pop Bag packed with your daily essentials ready for the next day. Every evening, take the time to completely empty your bag to avoid warping. If you are concerned with maintaining the bag’s silhouette, you can fill it with tissue paper or a scarf.

Should you decide to leave your Pop Bag in storage for an extended period of time, i.e. until next season, wrap hardware (zips, clasps) in tissue paper. Cover your bag, preferable in the dust bag in which it arrived with. A white cotton pillowcase is an ideal substitute for a dust bag.

Once covered, store your Pop Bag away from direct sunlight and artificial sources of heat. Make it stand. Avoid hanging it up to avoid stretching the handles. When at home, keep your bag away from rough surfaces.

Purses, clutches and shoulder bags

Purses and wallets come in a variety of sizes and silhouettes. Each style will fit different requirements. This decreases the risks of stretching the leather. Avoid overfilling pockets, compartments and card slots. If a purse is too small for all your things, opt for the size above.

In your handbag, store your purse in a different compartment or in a designated zip pocket in the lining. This will help prevent scratches and imprints. Gently wipe or brush your purse to remove daily built up dust and dirt from your handbag.

If left outside of your Pop Bag for an extended period of time, move your purse away from direct sunlight. Store clutches and shoulder bags in their dust bag.

DO’s and DON’Ts of leather goods maintenance


  • Clean leather with a soft brush or cloth
  • Air out leather
  • Remove water or moisture as soon as possible
  • Dry wet leather naturally
  • Keep leather supple with a specialize leather conditioner every
  • 3 to 6 months
  • Clean spots and stains with a mixture of soap flakes and warm water
  • Use a steam cleaner to disinfect and remove buildup from regular use
  • Test conditioners, cleaners, polishes, wax and other leather care products beforehand


  • Machine wash leather
  • Get leather wet
  • Dry wet leather next to an artificial source of heat
  • Tumble dry leather
  • Iron leather
  • Immerse leather in water to clean
  • Keep close to food

How to remove small scratches

Faint scratches can be taken care of with a little polishing. Make sure to clean the area with a damp cloth. Allow the surface to dry. If you happen to have a matching color balm, you may apply a thin layer to buff the scratch. Remove any excess.

Deep scratches require further attention. You may want to consult a repair service if the scratch has compromised the surface.