5 Reasons Why YOU Need a POP Bag

5 Reasons Why YOU Need a POP Bag

A woman's style can be identified by her choice of accessories. One can wear similar clothes all the time, but a good bag and shoes can completely change the look and still feel fresh and stylish. It's truly about making you feel good, your elegance, and confidence. Yes, your bag can actually help boost your confidence with endless possibilities of styling them your way. Although not all bags have this power - but our POP Bags do!


Would you like to feel chic going out, have power over your style, and look sophisticated? Here are 5 reasons why you need a POP Bag in your closet.


1. Your Style, Your Way

Our bags are undoubtedly inherent accessories to our wardrobes. Our POP BAGS represent luxurious style and creativity. Our customizable bags, such as our Bundles, give our fashionistas the opportunity to design their own bag and explore different style combinations. In this way, your POP BAG is a true reflection of your unique style and personality. They offer endless Italian leather options in vibrant colors and finishes. We help women to design their own bags in a versatile, easy and exciting way. Front panel, back panel and handles, you can choose all the elements of your bag!

2. Perfect Travel Buddy

Save space in your suitcase! POP Bags have plenty of room to store your clothes, wallet, charger, and everything else you'll need on the go, while still keeping compact to save space in your car or on top of your seat on your flight! Pack a few panels in less space than a pair of jeans, and you can instantly transform your tote bag into different styles while on the go. No need to carry multiple bags with you. Being able to fit more also means that you can reduce the number of bags you need to carry - a huge plus for any travel plan. Take our very own Saffiano Tote Bags, for example! This bag is made of sturdy Italian leather and canvas, which means our flexible bags can fit in tighter spaces than normal travel luggage.

3. Lifelong Value

Our POP Bags are built to last! They are stylish and designed in a way that will remain fashionable for years to come. You will not need to buy a new bag for each season. We pride ourselves on our creativity and designing extremely luxurious products that are built to last. Whether you are a professional, a student, or a collector, our versatile and timeless bags are designed to complement any lifestyle. Plus, you can give it to your daughter and it will still look fashionable for years to come!

4. Global Impact

At Pop Bag USA, we care about the impact we have on people, communities, and the planet. We set ourselves the challenge of creating a better kind of bag. One that was as sustainable, carefully designed, and durable as we could imagine. Every leather item we make, we build to last in the belief that the best things made create a better future for all. Like our founders, our brand stands for the empowerment and rights of women. That's why Pop Bag USA is proud to support Bottomless Closet NYC. Bottomless Closet's mission is to be the connection that inspires and guides underprivileged New York City women to enter the workforce and achieve success. In fact, 5% of all Pop Bag USA profits go to Bottomless Closet NYC.


5. Uniqueness

Circle, snap and pop are essential to our identity! Our attention to detail reaches down to our logo and branding. We created a thoughtful approach to design that has resulted in simple, smart and versatile bags. Our bags are multi-patented, sustainable and can be customized for any season or trend. Whether you want to look sophisticated, fun, or just ready for whatever your day throws at you, there is the perfect bag style to match your outfit, your mood, and your moment.


Our top priority? Creating beautiful high quality bags in which you can be yourself. We want to make sure that you can enjoy your leather bags for a lifetime. We love the personality and style that a good bag can bring to an outfit, and how the right bag can help you get all the right looks. This is how your Pop Bag will follow you through all stages of your life!

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