Marcia Dunn

Marcia is an entrepreneur and a passionate supporter of the arts who has a keen eye for talent and innovation. Her adventurous spirit and appreciation for craftsmanship played a big part in launching Pop Bag in the United States. 
After graduating from Brown University, Marcia received an M.D. from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She is a practicing ophthalmologist who divides her time between her medical practice and various charitable initiatives. 
Striving to make a positive change globally, Marcia focuses her philanthropy on education, art, and female empowerment. She was involved in the Guggenheim program “Learning through Art,” which sets up residencies for artists in public schools to work with teachers on art projects integrated across the curriculum.
She is also a member of the Photography Committee at the Whitney Museum. 
Marcia is an active women’s rights advocate. As a member of the Brown University Women’s Leadership Council, she co-chaired the 125 Years of Women at Brown conference. She also developed the connection to Bottomless Closet, a charity that provides clothes and accessories to disadvantaged women in New York for their job interviews. 
In memory of Marcia’s friend on the board of Bottomless Closet, Pop Bag regularly donates handbags to charity. During a vacation in Florence, Marcia stumbled upon the Pop Bag flagship store. She found the experience of designing her own fashionable accessory a lot of fun. When she returned to New York, she was determined to introduce Pop Bag to American women. 
“It’s very rare nowadays to see something really new in fashion!” Marcia says. “These bags are artistic, unique, yet simple enough to fit in every woman's wardrobe. From a brilliant concept to a meticulous execution, Pop Bags are surprisingly versatile, imaginative and creative”.