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Holiday Gift Guide: POP BAG


Pop Bag was created in Italy and allows consumers to keep up with trends consciously because every piece of their handbag is interchangeable. After selecting handles and panels that reflect your favorite colors, textures, and finishes, your Pop Bag tote literally snaps together in an instant, giving you an outlet for self-expression. It is also brand new to the market, an opportunity to leverage on exclusivity. Great for storage as you could take your bag apart and store the panels flat in a drawer or closet. Also great for traveling — once people do that again as the panels can lay flat in your suitcase allowing you to take variations with you without the need to pack multiple bags!


Customize your tote bag in 4 easy steps and it all snaps together instantly, allowing you the freedom to mix and match and swap your panels based on your style, season, or mood. Great for traveling and storage purposes, as you can take your bag apart and lay the panels flat in your suitcase or drawer. Giving you the possibility to create unique looks on the road with no need to pack multiple bags.

To begin, simply choose your:

     – front panel

     – back panel

     – handles

     – add a Bag Organizer 



Price: $180 – $400 to customize a tote ranging from small, medium and large





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