POP BAG's Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

Mother's Day is just a few weeks away. What type of gift buyer are you? Preparing ahead of time or buying last minute? Regardless, brainstorming gift ideas is probably the most important part of the process. Especially if you have siblings and you are all chipping in. Or if you are celebrating remotely. The point is, you need to find gift ideas. And good ones at that. Because Mother's Day is a chance to offer a token of gratitude to the Mother figures in your life. After all, there is not one definition of Motherhood. Mom, mom-to-be, grandmother, stepmother, mentor, etc.
One thing is certain though. Being a mother is a full-time job. There is indeed a lot of unseen and unheard labor that goes into it. May 9th 2021 is the perfect day to say thank you and to do so with an unforgettable gift. Are you running shorts on ideas? Worry not. We've got you covered with our Mother's Day gift guide. At POP BAG USA, we are confident any of those ten gift ideas will make one's mom very happy!

A POP BAG Mother's Day Bundle

Did you know? POP BAG USA was founded by two entrepreneurs who also are mothers. The brand is made by women for women. Our customizable bags give women the opportunity to design their very own bag from scratch. Front panel, back panel and handles, you will get to choose all elements of your bag. That way, your POP BAG is a true reflection of your own unique style and personality.
This Mother's Day, we are giving you the option to give your mom the most comprehensive and personal present. How? By bundling bag panels and handles. Thus, your mum gets a full suite of accessories to build four different bags. Are you a Mother yourself? What about treating yourself to a new bag... that you can change as the seasons go. Click here to shop our Mother's Day Bundle.
mother's day gift guide

A Box Of Eternal Roses

Flowers are never a bad idea. Yes, they are a common gift. But, who does not like to be gifted flowers? Or to fill their house with flowers? They do make a great gift. The thing is, their lifespan, even when cared for properly, is never that long. Have you ever thought of preserved roses? They are roses that will last for up to three years. And they do not even require maintenance.
The roses are carefully grown, cut and then immersed in a blend of plant-based and preserving substance. Beautifully presented in a glazed ceramic earthenware pot, they will make the most beautiful table center. You can head over to the  Eternal Roses website for a little peak. There is something else you should know. We have partnered up with Eternal Roses for an amazing giveaway on Instagram. It will be your chance to win a box of Eternal Roses and a tote from POP BAG USA.
Follow us on Instagram to know when the giveaway starts!
Eternal Roses Mother's Day gift Pop Bag USA

A Relaxing Afternoon Tea

Usually gifts are not really for sharing. However, some get better if you do share. A high tea for example. Why not take your mum to an afternoon tea for cocktails and sandwiches? Why is an afternoon tea such a great idea? First of all, even though it may be a present for your mother, it is also a treat for you. And you get to spend some quality time together. All the while eating delicious England-inspired food.
Some afternoon teas also offer bottomless Prosecco or cocktails/mocktails as part of their menu. Which is always fun. High tea usually starts in the middle of the afternoon. They are also usually hosted in hotels.
POP BAG's Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

A Copper Mixology Set

Mother's Day 2020 was a bit of an odd one. 2021's won't be any different. The current situation does make for an odd social life. Of course, that does not mean you can't have fun or bring the thrill of the outdoors, well, indoors. Does your mother enjoy sipping cocktails with her friends? Why not bring the (small and socially distanced) party at home?
With a mixology set, your mom will be able to make her favorite cocktails at home. And share them with friends and family. Cocktail making sets usually come in with a small recipe book so it will also be the occasion to try on new blends. Liking the idea? We know where you can find the perfect mixology set!

A Hamper Full Of Delicious Treats

The current situation means that we spend most of our time indoors. Therefore, we have to make the most of it. And find ways to make it more enjoyable. Which is why you can definitely spoil your mom to an at-home gift experience. A Mother's Day luxury hamper is the perfect gift for that.
Although we do love a skincare or pamper hamper, we are also very partial to a basket full of delicious treats. Why not give your mom a hamper that includes aromatic teas, biscuits, chocolate truffles and jars of fruity preserves and curds? We would not say no to that. Head over here for some hamper gift ideas.

A Moët & Chandon Rosé Champagne With Personalized Tin

We know that a bottle of Champagne seems a bit cliché and unoriginal. But you know, if your mum enjoys Champagne, then you can never go wrong with some bubbles. Moët & Chandon always knows how to take Champagne to the next level. Especially as this bottle is packed into a personalized tin. You can customize it with the name of a loved one, like your mom. The company will then print it on the side.
Convinced? Shop it now!

A Tea Gift Box

Isn't there something more calming than a cup of tea after work? You sit down, unwind and relax for a bit. If your mom is a tea lover, you can always get her a tea gift box. They come in plenty of options. However, some go even further into the tea drinking experience. We are not talking ordinary tea here. First thing first, such sets come in with tea cups, saucers and a Tea-iere. Now, we are getting to the fun part.
A flowering tea. No tea bag or loose tea leaves here. Instead, the tea comes directly from the flower. Simply drop the bud in boiling water and watch it bloom into a gorgeous flower, all the while freeing all the tea flavors. Don't know where to find such a tea gift box? We got you, just click here.

A spa day

Your mum is definitely one of the most special people in your life. That is why you want to show your love and appreciation. A spa package is the perfect Mother's Day treat. Especially because being a Mother or a working woman is exhausting and a spa day is the perfect way to relax. You mother will sure be delighted to spend a day indulging in blissful self-care treatments. She deserves to be pampered after all. You can always go the extra mile and make it a spa weekend or even a holiday. A spa day may not be the most creative Mother' Day gift, but there are still ways to make it more personal and unforgettable.

A Wine And Painting Class

Does your mum enjoy having a glass of wine (or a cocktail) from time to time? Is she open to trying something new? A paint and sip class may be the perfect gift for her. What is it? How does it work? Well, it is all in the name. You paint and let your creative flow express itself while sipping delicious (and often bottomless) cocktails.
Tickets usually include themed professional painting instructions, all the necessary art supplies, and an open bar. At the end of the night, you take your canvas home. If you are looking to have some fun mum-daughter time, a wine and paint glass will make it unforgettable.

A POP BAG Gift Card

Did you read all the way through our Mother's Day gift guide? Are you still unsure what to give your mother? There is never one size fits all. Maybe our idea of a great time is not yours. Fortunately, we always have a plan B. A POP BAG gift card. That way, your mum can choose any bag from our website, of any size and in any color she may like. A no-risk solution that can never go wrong.
From $50 to $500, a POP BAG gift card simply gives your Mother the gift of choice.
POP BAG USA Mother's Day Gift Guide

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