POP BAG USA x Bottomless Closet: An interview with Citlalli

POP BAG USA x Bottomless Closet: An interview with Citlalli

At POP BAG USA, we give women the option to fully customize their handbag. From start to finish, the choice is yours. Colors, leather type, handles, it is all up to you so that you create a bag that is an extension of you. A bag that is unique to you. That no one else will have.

POP BAG USA is all about fun and empowering women. Which is why we think what Bottomless Closet does is so important. They help women re-enter the workforce and provide help and support.

Resume writing workshop, interview preparation, outfits, you name it, you will get it. We have interviewed some of their clients to get to know more about what Bottomless Closet does.

Last month, we interviewed Jackie, a retired veteran. Today, we are interviewing Citlalli who was able to re-enter the workforce after being a stay at home mom for years. Here is what she had to say.

Endy: My name is Endy. I am the brand manager at POP BAG USA. We are a handbag brand that specializes in customizing handbags. We are here today at the Bottomless Closet offices to learn a little more about the organization, what they do.

We are interviewing some of their clients, see how they’ve been in the last year and how they are doing today. We are here with Citlalli. How are you today?

Citlalli: I am good. How are you?

E: I am good thank you! Tell us a bit more about yourself and how you were introduced to Bottomless Closet.

C: I was introduced to Bottomless Closet four years ago, through a program called Displaced Homemakers. I was ready to re-enter the workforce after staying home with my kids for a few years.

I was referred to Bottomless Closet and they have been helping a great deal with my resume, interview prep. They gave me an outfit so that I was ready for interviews. That is how everything thing started.

I’ve got my first job after a few years being at home. They have been a great support for me. I took many workshops that they offer. They also have a management certificate program and I have done that.

I have been able to participate in so many of the activities and classes that they offer throughout the years. I had access to a lot of tools and resources for my personal growth.

E: That’s amazing. Did they find you, did you find them? How did you come across Bottomless Closet?

The program I was initially in referred me to Bottomless Closet. When I came to my appointment, they gave me an outfit and helped me through interview prep. I got to ring the bell once I got the job. Yes, I was so excited because everybody was in the office and really empowers you, supports you.

E: It is so great, everybody is celebrating you. That is amazing.

C: It is a great feeling.

E: Tell us how Bottomless Closet helped you in your career endeavors and contributed to your success today?

C: It has been a process definitely, through these four years during which I have been a client of Bottomless Closet. I started 2020 unemployed. I was able to land a job two weeks before the lockdown started. So I was very grateful and blessed to have worked through the pandemic. Bottomless Closet was really a big part of it, every step of the way in my career.

E: That’s awesome. Let’s talk about a bit about fashion now. What does a handbag mean to you? How does it make it feel when you put it on, use it for everyday life?

C: I feel empowered. Me and my best friend running the world. I can feel all my essentials, I have room for me. This is my favorite, the shoulder bag. I can dress it up, I can be running my errands as a mum, as a working mother. It is all I want, everything is there.

E: This is one of my favorite bags for sure. It is an easy shoulder bag, it is easy to wear. It is good for day and night and it is really spacious. Do you find that it can fit everything you need?

C: And more!

E: Yes! It is one of my favorite bags! Now, tell us what you like most about POP BAG.

C: It is very versatile. You can dress it up, dress it down, take it anywhere you want. It fits, it squishes if you want it to. It is just perfect. The hardware is my favorite.

E: Yes. And it is totally lightweight.

C: Definitely lightweight. It opens so easily. It is not one of those hard to open purses. This is definitely my favorite.

E: Just one last question. What advice would you give to women in your position?

C: Do not give up. There is so much around you. Open your eyes. You are not alone. There is a process yes. It takes a bit, yes. There are so many women out there that empower other women and also men. I have great women behind me, and men as well.

Just open your eyes. There is a lot of support so you never feel that you are alone.

E: Exactly! Thank you for your time today and for answering all your questions.

POP BAG USA x Bottomless Closet: An interview with Citlalli

POP BAG USA x Bottomless Closet: An interview with Citlalli

POP BAG USA x Bottomless Closet: An interview with Citlalli

POP BAG USA x Bottomless Closet: An interview with Citlalli

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