POP BAG Artists Collaborations

Here at Pop Bag, we’re inspired by art, and in 2019 we launched our Limited Edition Artist Collaborations with two of our favorite artists whose iconic styles are instantly recognizable: Hektad and Jonny Detiger. 

The first collaboration, covered in Resident Magazine, featured Hektad, New York City graffiti and art pioneer on a collection of hand painted original artwork featuring either his eye-catching mini colored hearts or his inspiring  “I Choose Love” famous tags. 

This collection showcased original, hand painted artwork on Mini Bags and Pop Bag panels. Hektad’s message of love is more important now than ever, and you can share this message on your own hand painted and signed Pop Bag x Hektad work of art, like this backpack (one of the last remaining pieces of the collection!) or you can turn your Pop Tote into a passionate statement with one of these panels.


POP BAG x Hektad | Spring 2019





POP BAG x Jonny Detiger | Fall 2019 

On September 12 2019, Pop Bag hosted a Fashion Week Presentation at Unix Gallery in celebration of the brand’s second Artist Collaboration, this time with artist Jonny DetigerStyle and art world pros filled the gallery, including PJ Pascual, Christine Wachter-Campbell, Laura Day Webb, Kristie Meluso, and guests danced all night to music by DJ Nicole Rosé, enjoyed cocktails served courtesy of Owl’s Brew and Barsys, the robotic bartender. Detiger also surprised attendees by gifting a lucky guest a signed artwork print.

Pop Bag’s September 2019 presentation was listed on the Official Fashion Week Calendar, no small feat for an emerging brand.

You can still get your hands on one of these Limited Edition Art pieces!


When Art Meets Fashion
POP BAG x Jonny Detiger | September 2019
Jonny Detiger was also featured in the Times Square Video Billboard Unveiling 


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