How To Design Your Own Bag

How to design your own bag

There are a few core principles POP BAG USA lives by. We always make a point of ethically sourcing the best leathers for our bags. We work with local craftsmen and will always value quality and excellence above all. Everything we do, we do it with you, our customer, in mind.

And so, beyond offering high quality leather goods, we also empower women to fully express who they are through a very unique POP BAG. A bag that no one else in the world will have. A big that is so unique, it is one in a million. How so?

Because at POP BAG USA, we let you be the designer of your own bag. You will have the ability to choose each component of your dream custom bag. Not only that, you'll also have the freedom to change it should you want to.

3 bag sizes, 26 different front panels, 15 different back panels and 25 different sets of handles, the possibilities are endless. More specifically, you have 29,250 possible POP BAG combinations. Still not convinced? Let us walk you through how to create your very own custom dream bag.

Why design your own POP BAG?

Each human being is unique. You are literally one in billions. So why shouldn’t your handbag be  just as unique as you? Don't you want to have a bag that is truly yours, only yours and that no one else has?

At POP BAG USA, each bag that you create is a true expression of your unique personality. Leather type, front panel color, back panel color, handles and size, you get to choose each component from start to finish.

While we let you make your own design debut, we also make sure that you do so in an empowering way. Fashion is meant to express one's personality and uniqueness. And while trends are great to follow, sometimes, creating your own is even better.

And that is what happens when you design your own custom tote bag. We give you the ultimate design power to bring to life an extension of your personality. A leather companion that will follow you everyday and help you carry all your daily essentials.

Just imagine, you are meeting a friend, your new tote bag over the shoulder, and they go:

"This is such an amazing bag, where did you get it?"

And you reply:

"Thanks, it's from POP BAG USA. I designed it myself."

How powerful does that feel? We know you are smiling just thinking about it. Stop daydreaming, it is time to design your own bag. And here is how it goes.

How to design your POP BAG?

Designing your very own dream POP BAG is a very simple yet empowering process. You get to choose everything that will make your bag unique, from start to finish. It is a four steps process, with a bonus step at the end.

Choose a bag size

We are all different. Some of us carry light, others do not. You may carry the bare minimum while your best friend will carry her laptop and more. Our needs are all different and that is why we offer three different tote bag sizes.

-Small: 12.25"x9"x4.75"

-Medium: 15.75"x10.75"x6"

-Large: 18"x12.25"x6.25"

How To Design Your Own Bag - Pop Bag USA

Choose a front panel

Once you have decided what size suits your needs better, you can choose a front panel. The choice is yours to make as you'll get to pick between five different types of material:

-Pebbled leather

-Saffiano smooth leather

-Clear PVC

-Iridescent PVC

-Patterned Saffiano leather

Each front panel features a gold-tone POP BAG logo as well as two ringlets for the handles.

Choose a back panel

Now that you have picked the front panel, you can think of the other half of your custom tote bag. Similarly to the front panel, you will be able to choose between the same five materials. The inner side of each back panel features an inside slip pocket where you can stow small items.

How To Design Your Own Bag - Pop Bag USA

Choose the handles

Now is the time to choose the handles. There would not be a tote bag without them. You will be able to choose between three different types of leather:

-Pebbled leather

-Saffiano leather

-Metallic leather

Add to cart and bonus step

Once you have chosen all the components of your bag, you will be presented with a summary. Does the bag look good? Yes? Add to cart. What about that bonus step though?

If you look at your bag, you will see one gold solitary snap on each side. Those two will allow you to snap in a bag organizer inside so that all your belongings stay contained within a smaller space.

You will be able to choose between suede and metallic PVC. POP BAG USA offers different bag organizer sizes so that the pouch fits within the tote bag you designed.

Another bonus. Our bag organizers actually are a 5-in-1 type bag. How so?

Well, for starters, you can use it as a bag organizer. Second, you can use it as a beauty bag when you travel. Third, it can be a makeup bag. You can also wear it as a crossbody bag since it comes with a chain. Or, you can wear it like you would a clutch on a night out.

What if I want to change my bag?

What if you changed your mind? After wearing your custom dream bag for a few months, you decide that you would like to change colors around? Worry not, we got you covered.

The great thing about POP BAGs is that they can be customized on top of the original customization. Because each piece is put together with our patented snaps, they can also be "un-snapped". You can detach each component of the bag and replace it with a new one.

Indeed, you can purchase additional front panels and back panels as well as handles. Thus, you are able to change your bag and style in just a snap. The more panels you get, the more combinations you have.

No need to buy a new bag each season to match changing outfits. If you have additional panels and handles, you may swap them with the current component of your POP BAG. One component changes and you achieve a whole new style.

Can I customize other leather goods?

At POP BAG USA, we give you the opportunity to design your own bag. From start to finish, the power is yours to create your dream custom tote bag. With over 29,000 combinations possible, you've got a lot of choice.

If you want to customize leather goods even further, you can. Having a custom tote bag is great. However, having a range of custom leather goods is even better.

POP BAG USA offers a range of accordion-style wallets. Each features a two full-length bill compartments, card slots on both sides and a zipped coin purse in the center. The closure is a zip-around. The wallet comes with an attachable wristlet.

Now, what you may not know is that each wallet can be customized too. You can remove the current cover of your wallet and replace it with another one. Here again, you'll be able to choose between different leathers such as pebbled, croc-embossed and Saffiano.

We also have a glitter cover should you feel like being extra sparkling. Customize your bag, customize your wallet. At POP BAG USA, you truly get to be the designer of your dream bag.

Customize your dream tote bag now!

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