Black Lives Matter | Let Your Voice Be Heard


The recent tragic events have been heartbreaking to witness. Our hearts are heavy and more than likely, yours is too.


POP BAG stands with the entire black community, team members, our customers, brand partners and victims of racism all over the world and will not tolerate this injustice. As a brand that celebrates diversity, it is our responsibility to take a stand and raise awareness and we cannot stay silent in the midst of it.

It's been 7 years since 3 strong black women built up 3 words, BLACK LIVES MATTER.

A movement that has spread worldwide and was created in hopes to shed a light on, and put a stop to police brutality and injustices people of color face on a daily basis.
We need change and we need it NOW and change can only happen if we come together in solidarity. 

We call to you to stand with us in these efforts.


Ways You Can Help [click for more info]




Small Black-Owned Businesses you can support:

This is only the beginning of much needed change to come.
We encourage you to do what you can. Use your voice, educate yourself and teach those who turn a blind eye to constant discrimination and racism.
Every person deserves to be treated with respect, kindness and love. 


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