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Spring and summer 2020 have been a rollercoaster. We did not see it coming but we've got to live with it. Especially as school is starting soon. Whether in-person or virtual, back-to-school is well under way.

What does that actually mean? Well, that it is time for some school supply shopping. We don't know about you, but that time of year always gets us excited and giddy. Who does not like new notebooks and shiny pens?

Yes, we know. Most communication is done online these days. Via WhatsApp, messenger and the likes. Technology changed how it all worked.

That does not mean that we should not get some new stationery as the academic year is about to start. No need to be a student to enjoy some stationery.

At work, at school, at some events, a notebook and pen are always a good idea and oh-so convenient. Now, at POP BAG USA we are always keen on some shopping, especially when it comes to back-to-school.

And we've got some good ideas of businesses that you should absolutely support as you get ready for the new academic year. Or to get back to work.

Black-owned businesses

Oh So Paper Co

Are you a lover of journalling and diaries? Are you also a very organized person that needs to write down everything just in case. Oh So Paper Co is the perfect brand for you then! The brand stocks some gorgeous, colorful stationery.

Stickers, calendars, notebooks and more, Oh So Paper Co is like heaven to those who love planning and organizing. And pretty things, of course! It all started when the owner realized black women could not find stationery that represent them.

Indeed, most graphics did not center around them. Many black women were coloring on top of existing designs. Danielle started Oh So Paper Co to solve this issue and provide black women with products that represent them.

Check them out. There offering of stationery is extensive and so colorful!

Just Be Hue

Just Be Hue was founded on one basic principle: representation matters. The company offers a wide range of notebooks, cards and prints. Each features a very famous, successful black figure or a career idea.

Those careers ideas are wide and that is why those notebooks are so important. Doctor, businesswoman, athlete, engineer, lawyer, etc. Whatever you wish to become, you can. And that is where representation matters.

It is difficult to see yourself becoming something if you have never seen someone like you doing it before. Just Be Hue put the cool in school supplies. The notebooks are a celebration of Blackness, in all its shades.

As back-to-school approaches, we highly recommend you check out Just Be Hue.

Under The Sunlight

Under The Sunlight was founded by Sinan Franklin. It offers paper goods crafted with good intention. Mindful stationery, the brand wants you to elevate your consciousness, be motivated as well as live a purposeful life.

Another important thing to Under The Sunlight? Self-care. Not a one-time spot but something essential to feel good about oneself. Postcards, quotes, notebooks, calendar and more, the brand has everything you need.

We love the pastel vibes and muted tones of the stationery. Everything looks super Instagrammable. So if you do need that photo for the gram, rest assured, you will get it. The brand has also been featured in some cool publications: People, Byrdie, The Root.

Check them out now!

More back-to-school supplies

An antimicrobial self-healing desk pad.

After 2020, we've got to be careful. Hand sanitizer has become an all time favorite. We know to disinfect our hands and not touch surfaces.

But, let's be honest a second. Hands are germ magnets. We touch and touch things without knowing who touched them before us. This include microwaves, desks, keyboards, mugs, etc.

And even then, hand sanitizer may not always help.

Fortunately, there is an option when it comes to staying at your desk. And it is an antimicrobial self-healing desk pad. Get one for yourself, and one for your kids' desks. It is available in different sizes and provides a smooth surface for writing.

It removes microbes and make sure you all stay safe.

Larq Bottle Movement

One thing we know is that you should not re-use your water plastic bottle over and over again. Simply because micro particles will end up in your water and later in your body. A good solution is to get an iron bottle.

Here is the catch though: you need to clean it. And as a busy lady, you may not always have the time. Especially if you bring that bottle with you to school or work. Worry not, there is a solution to every problem.

A self-cleaning water bottle. Wait, what? Does it exist? Yes, Larq did it! The ultra-sleek bottle neutralizes up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses every two hours. It purifies your water and your bottle stink-free.

Need a refill? At work, at a water fountain, in the school bathroom? No problem. Larq will purify the water in just 60 seconds! Plus, it will stay cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12.

A UV sanitizing wand

What happens if you run out of hand sanitizer? It became a hot commodity in 2020 and hard to come buy. What if the kids are coming back from school, with all those germs? And you've got no time to run to store?

Relax, take a breath, we've got you. This handy travel UV sanitizing wand eliminates 99.9% of bacteria. You just need to swipe the UV-C light over any items for 10 to 20 seconds. Backpacks, keyboards, phone, sneakers, everything!

Be ready for school with POP BAG USA

Get a large tote bag

If you are like us, your handbag is everything. You take it everywhere with you and it carries your most precious belongings. Or most essential ones. Going back to school? Notebooks, text books and pens it is.

Going back to work? Daily essentials and your lunch box. Regardless of the why, it is always there, following you everyday. One must be able to rely on one's handbag. That is where POP BAG gets it alright.

Our tote bags comes in different sizes and all colors. Made in Italy, they are stylish, durable and bring a touch of luxury to any outfit! We guarantee our tote bags are big enough to accommodate all your things!


Is it a clutch or a book sleeve?

Ay bookworm amongst you? Do you take books with you to read while you commute, on the train or on the bus? And then you toss it in your bag, with all your things. That is how you get it damaged, and no one wants that.

Books are everything.

The solution is a book sleeves. What about one that is so versatile it can turn into an evening clutch? That is exactly what our envelope clutches are. Big enough to fit a book or an iPad, you can also wear it crossbody as it comes with a chain.

From the office to the clubs!


A backpack to carry everywhere

School means textbooks which mean backpack. A POP BAG backpack will get you through the academic year with style and confidence. Stylish, durable and high quality, it is the next big think. Plus, you can stuff a lot of things in there.

The straps are adjustable and you can customize the flap. Mix and match color for a style that is unique to you. You can also choose different prints and play with fabrics and leather. Different sizes fit different items.

A tote to take your laptop with you

If you like to carry light and the only big item is your laptop, you've got you covered. Yes, POP BAG has a solution to every problem. That is just what we do.

Perfect for work, school or university, our Saffiano Leather Laptop Tote Bags are designed for you to carry your laptop wherever you may go. This laptop bag offers enough room that you can also carry your iPad, books, files and folders, and other accessories to work or school.

Multi-purpose, chic and practical, our Laptop Tote Bag will make carrying your belongings much more convenient. It has adjustable handles. You can adjust the handles to a comfortable length to a shoulder bag or top handle bag.

Staying safe while getting back to school

Multiple professionals share the best ways we can arm our kids for the safest experience possible. Here are their thoughts:

  • Don’t send kids to school sick
  • Bring your own school supplies
  • Pack hand sanitizer
  • Have a supply of masks on hand
  • Keep home safe by having a back-from-school protocol

Something else to consider as students head back to school is keeping our homes as clean as possible. This includes disinfecting the kids when they get home. 

Once at home, at the very least, they should remove clothes/shoes and place them in the laundry or in a designated safe place for disinfecting. A shower would be great but is not absolutely necessary.

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