No Matter How You School, Be Ready For Any Kind Of Classroom


Whether you or your kids are going back to school in-person or virtual, back to school shopping is fully underway and if you're like us, buying supplies has you super excited and giddy.

Although nowadays, most communication is done via technology, there are still many people that prefer cute and fun stationery that can be used for work, school, and special events.


We created the Back-To-School guide to share businesses you can shop with and support this school year 

Check out these Black-owned stationery businesses 

Oh So Paper Co. was started because of the Creator’s love of planning and organization. They sell many different items ranging from planners to stickers, to calendars. 

 Moe Melanin was founded on the basic principle that representation matters. Their notebooks are a celebration of Blackness and represent all the beautiful shades. They also specialize in Back To School supply kits to assist kids as they carry out their day-to-day activities. 

Under The Sunlight was founded by Sinan Franklin and offers paper goods that are crafted with good intentions. Elevate your consciousness, get mindful, and become motivated. 


Be ready to get a move on with a POP BAG Tote Bag. A carryall tote bag guaranteed to keep up with whatever the day brings


Let’s face it: Hands are germ magnets, with all the things we touch throughout the day. Bolster your defense with this antimicrobial desk pad that you can place on top of your or your kids' desks, for the year. Available in four sizes, the pads provide a smooth surface for writing, and the antimicrobial protection never wears out.


With max confidence from first day & beyond, these POP Backpack will get you through the school year— everyone knows the next best accessory after a great outfit, is a stylish and durable backpack.

With tons of colors, prints, and sizes for heading back to the books or to the laptop 


Larq Bottle Movement 
A self-cleaning water bottle does exist, thanks to Larq, an ultra-sleek bottle that neutralizes up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses every two hours to purify your water and keep your bottle stink-free. Meaning, if your child needs to refill the bottle during the day, they can do so at a water fountain or in the school bathroom, and Larq will purify the water in just 60 seconds. Double-wall vacuum insulation ensures water stays cold for 24 hours or hot for 12, and one charge lasts for an entire month.


The perfect clutch will take her from college formals to nights on the town, or just a trip down the block for lunch – the Pop Bag envelope clutch also does double duty as an iPad case



When the kids return home from school, ease your germ anxiety with this handy sanitizing wand that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria (including E. coli) when you swipe the UV-C light over any items — from backpacks and sneaker soles to bedding, countertops, computer keyboards and more — for 10 to 20 seconds.


And don’t forget a wallet to store all that hard-earned cash from her new job.  We’ve got just the thing, along with snap-on covers – like our oh-so-festive-Kaleido print—so she can change it up whenever she wants a new look


Multiple professionals share the best ways we can arm our kids for the safest experience possible. Here are their thoughts:

  • Don’t send kids to school sick
  • Bring your own school supplies
  • Pack hand sanitizer
  • Have a supply of masks on hand
  • Keep home safe by having a back-from-school protocol

Something else to consider as students head back to school is keeping our homes as clean as possible — which includes disinfecting the kids when they get home. Once at home, at the very least they should remove clothes/shoes and place them in the laundry or in a designated safe place for disinfecting. A shower would be great but is not absolutely necessary.



We are creating a master list, feel free to add products and brands in the comment section below and we will update our list periodically.


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